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We Answer Your Questions

What is celluloid acetate?

Celluloid is a man-made material that is durable and fine. It is known for giving materials a resilient beauty.

What is tortoise shell?

Tortoise Shell is a multi-blend of brown color often used in hair accessories. Shop our tortoise shell hair accessories online.

What is Tokyo?

Tokyo is blend of yellows in a tortoise shell design. Shop our Tokyo hair accessories online.

What is a snood?

A snood is a headband, typically net-like or fabric, covering the back of a woman's hairstyle. Shop our snood hair accessories online.

What is a chignon?

A chignon is a type of "up-do" hair style primarily used for special occasions. This bun-like style is secured at the neck level for a simple, elegant look. Shop our chignon hair accessories online.

Do you provide fixtures?

Fixtures are available at no cost for wholesale purchases.

What does EDI stand for?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange.

What is delivery time?

98% of our hair accessory orders will ship within 7 days. Learn more about our shipping info.

If you have any other further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.